Best Nail Care Treatment For All Kinds Of Nails.

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Herbal Active Armor Essence Nail and Foot Whitening Toe Nail Fungus Removal Feet Care Nail Treatment Essence


Product Sepcification:

1)Pharmaceutical ingredients: Herbal extract, add medicine mixed modulation;

2)Applicable symptoms: Especially for onychomycosis (“Onychomycosis”), Athlete\’s foot and other symptoms;

3)Advantages:. Easy to use, easy recovery Simplify, simplify many complicated treatment process, avoiding complicated manicure,

A pull avoid pain. Strong penetration, strong inhibition of bacteria, 7 days inhibit bacterial growth, reproduction

Capacity, so that the bacteria are no longer contagious, 30 days thorough sterilization, began to grow healthy, beautiful, smooth nails Use



water,butylene,glycol,ethanol,mugwort leaf,speranskia herb,rhubarb,radix salviae miltiorrhizae,radix puerariae,boric acid,mazhi amaranthus, radix sophorae flavescentis,radix scrophulariae,herbs,secret made of



contain root,radix sophorae flavescentis herbs drug ingredients can quickly penetrate the denselayer deep

deck under a killing fungus and mutant strain,which medicine conditioning function to mobilize the collective transformation

Immunity and prevention of recovery with antibacterial function,with specially added MaZhi Amaranthus can promote a qualitative cell students repair

damaged cell gene,accelerate a matter Metabolism,growth,lighting a layer,promote the deck students

The new a grow more prefect.


How to use:

1)The first step, The foot clean (preferably with warm water), after a good wash dry Sassafras (Sassafras dry feet can not do without, oh, of course, if the mill A

A rough grinding tool first disease, the effect will be better)

2)The second stepBefore use, shake the bottle before, even under the syrup, then put on droplets in a disease (of course, if your illness is very thick armor, the most

Good trim, to avoid wasting syrup was extended treatment time)

3)The third step:When syrup drying, and then drop, the disease continued to maintain a moist 20 minutes have syrup (actually 15 minutes can, 20 minutes would be more insurance points)


Item Includes:1*Nail Care Essence Oil.


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