Slim TeaTox 28 Days Detox Green Tea

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1.This detox tea use individually packaged, double vacuum covered, and highly permeable filter bag.

2.The processing of this product is executed according to high standards and high requirements, and the quality is guaranteed.

3.The professional-grade micro-powder grinding process breaks the cell structure and enables the plant tea to dissolve quickly.

4.This product adopts the tea making process, retaining as much nutrients as possible of the plant tea, so that the nutrition is not lost.

5.This slimming tea helps you achieve your goal of slimming by helping you excrete deposits in your body and promote your metabolism.

6.This product uses pure natural plant tea as raw material, does not contain any irritants, harmful substances, please rest assured to use.

7.This weight loss tea is suitable for use in the morning and evening, using a small tea bag every day.


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